Parents Corner.

Here you will find answers to some of the frequently asked questions, along with savings and other helpful information.


Removing Shoes

We require all guests to remove their shoes and wear socks when entering Super Bounce, this helps us keep our facility cleaner for the children playing, and this way we can offer the best possible environment for everyone to enjoy.



By asking all of you to wear socks it will keep our facility cleaner and germ- free as much is possible


No Outside Food or Beverage

This helps keep little ones from getting upset tummies while jumping and keeps our facility clean for everyone to enjoy.


Our Commitment

We want to offer safe clean environment to all of our guest and your help and understanding is greatly appreciated, feel free to email us with any recommendations, comments or ideas to improve our service to serve you better


Thank you and have a Super Day!!!


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Save when you Buy our

Frequent Bounce Savings Card

We have Frequent Bounce Cards! Only $8.25  per admission when you purchase our Frequent Bounce Punch Card!
This is how it works-pay $99.00 upfront for a 12 jump pass with no expiration date. We punch your card each time you visit and it can be used for multiple children.



Parents, this is much better than a

monthly membership, 

our Punch Card has


Why pay for multiple monthly memberships?

There is no rush for you to use our Frequent Bounce Card, and it can be used by multiple children at the same time until you run out of punches.